construction trends in 2019

Real estate companies in Bangalore is behind new trends in the construction industry. As Digital technologies are taking over various industries, construction industry is also getting affected. Customers are also demanding for new trends in construction of their dream buildings. As competition among builders and developers in Bangalore is growing day by day there is a need to keep up with the latest trends in the commercial construction world. Some key trends are around the corner and will get a wider acceptance when implemented in the coming year.

Clear Title lists some of the latest trends for home builders that could happen this year and continue for a longer period of time.

Prefabricated construction

Prefabrication is taking over the real estate and construction industries. In this process components of a building are assembled before the installation of these at the site. Faster execution and on-time delivery of homes are the main advantages of this modular construction. The exact size and structure of a building is pre-determined so that construction time is reduced. Modular homes are cheaper and quicker to build and can even be moved from location to location. It is cost-effective and less waste is produced as there is only very little leftover materials to recycle. In residential building, modular constructions offers benefits to those who wish to live outside the city in contact with the nature.

Green Building Practices

More energy efficient designs are now encouraged by home builders that can have a great impact on the monthly energy bills. Building out renewable energy sources like solar panels are already on the go but it is estimated that more advanced design techniques can come up in 2019 as a part of Green construction.

Clear Title being one of the top builders and developers in Bangalore is aware of our social responsibility and has already implemented many green building techniques in construction. The construction material we use is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient which makes the construction more cost-efficient. A sustainable construction could be brought up to the lime light with some revolutionizing materials like bricks made out of cigarette butts, light generating cement, and Martian concrete. Since waste from the house building sector is a major threat to the world, adopting green materials for house construction is a far better way.

Living Kitchens

Modern kitchens that integrate the family living space with more open-space are in demand now. While large smart kitchens are entertained by many there is also an increasing demand for minimalist kitchen without sacrificing space. The kitchen space is separated by tables and islands so that they are easily changeable matching any occasion. Using white as the kitchen color has become old fashioned. Trending colors like blue are filling the interiors of kitchen space.

To create a kitchen space that is functional and efficient is a task taken by home builders. Specially designed kitchens that merges family and cooking area are gaining popularity.

Open Floor Plans

Many families welcome wide-open floor plans for their home designs. This makes socializing easier as dining room or living room are more visible. Even while in the kitchen a home maker could communicate with her family. When open spaces are considered Design continuity must be given importance. These interconnected spaces are rich examples of continuity which people want throughout the house. An open concept design gives family members a feel of being together.

Micro apartments

Builders and developers often design micro-living spaces or tiny homes as there is a rising trend of these among urban population. With one or two pieces of furniture in rooms and simpler lines and colors the concept of Minimalism is encouraged in these small spaces. Micro apartments are more maintenance free homes with an open floor plan. Natural light enhances the appearance of space.

Sustainability is a Megatrend

Adapting to a more eco-conscious lifestyle is the need of the moment especially when global environment issues are a serious threat. Real estate companies are now accepting the idea of sustainability. Builders and developers are encouraging sustainable materials like brick which is made from the natural clay in soil. Efficient use of resources that encourages preservation of the natural environment is what a sustainable construction project aims for. A building which is designed for drain water reuse from sinks to flush toilets can be a perfect example of a sustainable design. Adopting a long lasting sustainable construction must be a part of development goals of any major construction company.

Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling or BIM is a process of generating and managing computer representations of the projects before they are built. BIM is a powerful tool in construction sector which helps the builders and developers to build better projects. This effective tool can be used to predict job costs and develop maintenance schedules. 4D and 5D BIM are examples of different levels of programming enabled through BIM. Building information modeling will bring more accuracy to the building process.

BIM technology enables the designers to manage, design and develop a construction project making it more productive and affordable. BIM reduces construction costs and promotes a safer and faster building process.

The above mentioned are a few trends that are on demand in the construction industry. If you are in search of villas in Sarjapur road Bangalore you can consult Clear Title one of the best builders and developers in Bangalore. We adhere firmly to the latest trends as demanded by our customers making them feel more comfortable with us. Feel free to Contact us for further queries.


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