A roof over one's head is one of the three basic needs of a human being. The day might have been spent in the usual struggles for the other two necessities - food and clothes - but at the end of a tiring day, one needs a place one can call home, where one can come back to, spend a good time in the company of family, and take rest for the next day.

One could either buy one's own house, or take a flat on rent. A rented flat is cheaper, but the rent you pay every month goes into landlord's pockets, but no asset is being built up for you with that money. That's why it is always advised to purchase your own home if you can. If you are living and working in South India, then you will get several affordable yet good quality options to buy flats in banglore and other cities.

Once you decide to get your own home, and have initiated the process to purchase your home, you need to start being aware of the need to have a healthy home. Before taking handover of your flat, repairs might not be needed. But once you start living, minor repairs now and then might be needed. Please carry them out immediately, because the longer you wait, the more it will deteriorate, and end up costing you more. Make sure the builder installs some kind of a smoke alarm in the house, if not in every room. Doors usually get all the attention but see if your windows have some kind of locking mechanism too, especially if you have a young child.

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