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Winston Churchill, a famous British politician once quoted – “We shape our buildings: Thereafter, they shape us”. This supports the idea that architecture and human behavior are linked inextricably. Real estate developers like Clear Title too believe that physical environments determine human behavior shaping our point of view, how we interact with others and our perception of pain. It’s true that our surroundings make us healthier and enable us to solve problems more quickly.

Spaces are filled with memories

We Clear Title being one of the top Builders in Bangalore knows the value of your memories in your space. Over time it is the people who live in these buildings create memories, not just the physical artifacts in it. Memories and experiences of past which comes in mind when you see a place adds value to the space more than a design.

A building is more than brick and mortar. It is not more space that determines the growth. Your space must encourage cross talk, flow of ideas and collaboration among people who live here. That is why when you search for villas in Bangalore you look for vibrant, healthy places for a harmonious living.

Memories are not just constrained to homes but office spaces too. A calendar, a book shelf even a coffee machine in your work place could arouse memories for a life time. You feel so much connected to the place. It may be a place where your friendships with colleagues are made, your career is developed to its fullest and every up and downs in life are faced. Since an office space where most of the time is spend, is much closer to a human after their home it is equally important to never feel disorientated or being lost.

Designing one’s own building

Studies shows that communities which design their own buildings are more likely to be happy and healthy. A sense of security and pride are felt when they create their own spaces. Psychological studies says that buildings and cities can affect people’s mood and well-being. Human brains are tuned to the arrangement of the inhabited spaces. Even the landscapes that surrounds our space influences minds and bodies. Villas near Whitefield from Clear Title could be a better option always for urban architecture as we knows well our customers and these are constructed according to the behavioral theory of architecture.

Many public spaces fails to create wellbeing, community and creativity among people. Our ancestors created their own spaces according to their needs and this strengthened their community to live in harmony without violence. When spaces started to isolate there arises a lack of sense of community increasing crime rates. Just like there can be seen a difference of behavior in one person who comes from a closed room and one from an open space, physiology discovers that closed spaces leads to health issues like stress. If the facade of a building is complex and interesting people are effected in a positive way. If it is simple and monotonous negative emotions may arise in the mood of people.

Top Builders in Bangalore like Clear Title understands the psychology of spaces in determining the emotions of a person. That is why we encourage green spaces. For a lively and engaged environment green spaces with view of the mountains, forest and ocean are essential to reduce the stress of city living. Greener areas improve both physical and mental health.

It is found that people are more comfortable in rooms with curved edges than in sharp-edged rectangular rooms. The lack of social bonding and cohesion in neighborhoods increases mental disorders such as depression and chronic anxiety when urban designs are considered. This is why many Real estate developers design public spaces which are enriched for people to get more engaged and comfortable with their surroundings. After all this is the era of neuro architecture and a successful design is what people have some control over their space.

Impact of a sustainability

Real estate developers in Construction industry are responsible for largest global resource use. Clear Title being the best Builders in Bangalore, making homes and offices sustainable is considered to be a part of our duty. Impact of buildings we live and work in are great. So to build a zero energy zero carbon sustainable building is essential. Real estate developers when building villas in Bangalore or villas near Whitefield, should make sure to provide adequate and affordable housing for communities designing, constructing and maintaining safe and healthy buildings minimizing the impact upon natural resources. Social and economic needs are met with the optimal use of land and resources so that a healthy planet is passed on to the future generations. Subsequent training must be given to building professionals to achieve this task. Home and office spaces are required to build balancing environmental and social implications.

Products of our environment

A simple change in the present space could influence the behavioral pattern. This is actually the power of design. It’s proven that some surroundings make people lazy. Impact of natural light is also a factor on mood fluctuations. There is always some magical field that radiates from interior spaces and modifies building user’s lives. It is this energy which get radiated to influence local communities from exterior walls. Clear Title could predict that architecture of our habitats shape us and influence our decisions. Our environment should excite and arouse our curiosity.

As top Builders in Bangalore our expert architects create good designs for offices so that employees will be more productive. When building villas in Bangalore, Clear Title makes sure that neighborhoods are safer for a sustainable environment. Contact us for your dream projects.


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